Ok I guess I’ll update my webpage…

As you may be able to see if you’ve known my work for a while, I made a big change recently. This new work has sprung from a few things:

I could no longer throw full time due to some injuries.
I was feeling trapped in an endless cycle of refinement.
I became obsessed with computer aided design and 3d printing.
I wanted to play with fire again.
I wanted to solve some hard problems again.
I’ve always loved mold making and slip casting but never got to do it.

I moved back to Helena for the summer of 2016, at the amazing Studio 740, and used that time to reinvent with the following criteria:

Find a new process to explore.
Continue work in deconstruction and reconstruction of pottery archetypes.
Make sure the new work was expansive, meaning it avoided the refinement trap entirely.
Stop making pots that appeal mainly to potters or rely too much on connoisseurship of process/material.

I was successful in meeting those goals, but it took me another two full years to actually create a working library of molds that I liked, and find the surface the new work required. More on the details later, I just spruced up the rest of the website and didn’t want my most recent post to be from 2012!


  1. John Bauman says:

    I like the goals. I wondered what you’d been up to.


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